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Air Conditioner & Heater Rentals for LA County

Air on Location, Inc.
in Sylmar, California, saves you time and money with air conditioner and heater rentals. Our goal is to help you stay on budget while providing your cast and crew with year round comfort. Contact us at (818) 307-4558 for more information.

Portable Air Conditioners
Solve the climate control issues on your set with air conditioner and heater rentals from us. Service includes showing you how to use the system and giving you the option of an on-set operator to control the unit. We also have SPOT COOLERS to portably cool a smaller area, such as a waiting area for an actor before going on the set.

Our 5-, 10-, and 20-ton units are also heat pumps and can be switched to provide heat as well. Water chillers are also available, ranging from 20 to 40 tons. These are split systems or condenser units that sit outside to chill the water. The cold water is then used to cool the soundstage or building.

We Supply:
• 1-Ton, 2-Ton, 4-Ton, and 5-Ton Portable Self-Sustaining Spot Coolers
• 10-Ton, 20-Ton, and 25-Ton Trailer Mounted Units
  (1 Ton = 12,000 BTU) 

Air on Location helps make outdoor shooting during the cold weather more comfortable with all types of heaters. Our radiant models are mounted on a dolly and very user friendly. They are a great choice for outdoor filming—they can be moved with ease when you change locations. Other equipment includes:

• Tent Propane Heaters (80,000 BTU
  or 170,000 BTU)
• 15KW Electric Heaters
• Dish Heaters (Requires 110V Source)
• 50KW Electric Heaters

Electric Generator
Keep the juice flowing to your rented air conditioners and heaters with an electric generator. We can supply 500 amp, 750 amp or any size needed, depending on the power source required. These are ultra silent generators, perfect for powering your air conditioner or heater on set without the added noise.

Keep the temperature regulated on a soundstage or any
movie set with our HVAC rental services.

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